manage your mobile scanning devices

CradleTrack offers real-time insight in the current status of your mobile Android scanning equipment.

Run our App in the background, or integrate into your own application with our SDK and API.

A few of the Highlights

of our Micro-MDM with Real-Time statistics



Automatically triggered warnings if device hasn't been placed back on power after shift duration. The timerspan is customizable through our portal.


Direct insight in current charge status of devices in use. Customizable warnings when a device charge drops below a designated threshold.


Keep track of who uses which Android device. Stimulate proper use of the device and reduce induced damage by the user.

Webportal showcase!

The CradleTrack webportal is accessible by browser from your desktop, or from a mobile tablet or PDA.

For every user you can add an employee ID which can be used as a login ID for your own application. This logs the user in upon pick-up of the mobile Android device.

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Smart Apps

without being overwhelming...

CradleTrack Manager

Our Manager app offers direct insight in the current status of your hardware. How many units are in use? Is any device at a critical charge level? Has a device been missing for longer that a standard workday?

CradleTrack GateKeeper SDK

We provide the option to integrate our CradleTrack Gatekeerp application in your own business application. Device alarm rings when taken out of the cradle without authentication. Users can't enter the work application without identifying the device and user.

CradleTrack BaseLocker

Utilize integrated locks in the cradle from several manufacturers to lock the device untill the worker has identified themselves. Identification with pin, barcode or RFID.


We have a variety of accessories available to tailor the solution to your specific needs

Cabinets - High floor-standing, with- or without door | Medium floor-standing or wall-mount, with- or without door

RFid cardreaders - unlock cradles/devices via a central mounted RFid reader

Monitoring screens - add a monitoring screen to your system; desk-stand or wall-mount or cabinet mounted

High floor-standing cabinet with door


Medium floor-standing cabinet with additional monitoring screen


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